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A formal living room is very different from a living room that you may watch television in. The goal of a formal living room in a traditional sense is to have a space where people can talk and communicate without distraction and in an elegant space. If you want to create a formal hosting living room setting here are some top design tips that you can follow to make the most out of your design:

Create ambiance with color
The color is a big aspect of one of these rooms. The living room and the colors will change the way that the guests can feel in a room. Colors that relax or energize will set the tone for the room so it is important to choose wisely.

Consider wall treatments
Traditional living rooms often have finished moulding in the ceilings as well as wall treatments. If you want a very traditional formal living room design this could be something you want to emulate as well.

Choose comfortable flooring
Formal living rooms are usually outfitted with soft carpets that complement the room color. Going with a rose colored carpet alongside a cream colored wall could create a striking formal living room design.

Find a center for the space
Whether it is a fire place, a large mirror or a piece of art a formal living room must still have a focal point or a main part of the space where the eye is drawn to. Emphasizing this focal point can help to make sure it is what draws people into the room.

Arrange furniture accordingly
Remember that the goal of a formal living room isn’t just to have people focused on the television or a particular focal point, but for conversation. Be sure to arrange furniture in a configuration where people will be happy to connect with one another. Use these top tips for creating a formal living room design.

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