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If you need to get the perfect lighting for your living room it is important to plan ahead and use the right fixtures and layout. Great lighting for a living room can help it look larger and improve the overall look of your decor. Here are some top lighting ideas you can use for your living room spaces.

Most modern lighting fixtures today allow you to use dimmer switches. Adding a dimmer switch to your home can really help you to improve the light levels at each time of day. A dimmer switch can also improve energy consumption. Using a dimmer switch will help you get the best level of illumination in your space and it could help you set a romantic mood when needed.

Use mirrors
When placed across from a window or large lighting fixture a mirror can work at directing and reflecting light back across the room. Adding a large mirror in your living room could help you to improve natural light levels.

Introduce task lighting
Adding task lighting to your living room can improve light levels for reading, working at a desk and more. Smaller lamps at a desk setup, over a couch or in a reading area can create a division in your living room and help you adjust light levels for various tasks.

Make sure a fixture is proportionate
A large chandelier may look very very elegant for a living room but if it is too large for the room it could overpower it with light. Taking the dimensions of your room in feet and adding them together should dictate the number of inches across your chandelier can be.

Consider neighboring rooms
light is something that should flow very freely through your home. Consider some of the other fixtures in neighboring rooms and how much they may be effecting light levels in your living room. Use these tips to improve living room lighting.

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