simple wall decoration ideas for living room

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Having a unique look in decor for your living room can really help your space to look its best. There are many different decoration ideas that you can use to move away from hanging traditional photos, mirrors and artwork. Consider some of these top wall decoration ideas when you are decorating your living room:
Silver trays can make for wonderful decorations but they don’t often find their way outside of a china cabinet. Hanging silver trays on your wall can have the same effect for your space as a mirror does. Not only can you improve light levels throughout your home but it is possible to use these trays as a completely unique art collection.

Add texture
A painting that has a thick texture or needlework hung on the wall can add an even more unique look to the artwork of your living room. Mixed materials and artwork can showcase your eclectic style and adding texture to your room can really help it took look its best. Textures in art will change throughout the day and reflect shadows for a unique effect.

Try simple prints
A new and popular style involves the use of simple prints. Whether these are animal prints, a simple ribbon effect or more using the same simple prints throughout your living room can portray a minimalist and modern approach in design.

High color piece
If you have a minimalist look or a fairly neutral toned paint you should consider hanging an art piece that can be the focal point of your room. With a striking red painting for example anyone’s eye will be drawn instantly to the painting as soon as they enter the room. This can be a fantastic way of guiding the eye through your space. Keep these top wall decoration ideas for living rooms in mind when decorating your space.

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