Not All Cookware Is Made The Same

Eating healthy food is more than what’s purchased in the store. Even the highest quality food can absorb toxic materials from less than reputable cookware. There is a lot of healthy cookware available and manufacturers that do not provide the truth about aluminum, copper and their toxic coatings to prevent sticking. Many of these types of coatings contain toxic and hormone altering chemicals that will be in the food that was cooked. Many of the older cookware contain this harmful chemical that can cause health problems with repeated use.

The new anodized aluminum has added an oxide layer that is designed to thicken the surface of the pan or cooking surface. Pure aluminum cookware can still create aluminum toxicity. Adults should not intake high doses of copper. Copper cookware can give someone a high level of toxicity and lead to poisoning of this mater or lead. Teflon cookware dates back to the 1940’s. Teflon includes PFOA and PTFE. Teflon degrades and is lethal for animal consumption and to the environment. PTFE remains stable and nontoxic at lower temperatures but will deteriorate when the cookware reaches above 250 degrees and will decompose at 350 degrees. PFOA can increase the risk of bladder and kidney cancer and Teflon can release dangerous fumes when they are heated above 300 degrees.

Safer pots and pans are available on the market today that will keep you and your family safe from ingesting harmful chemicals. If you like to cook on a non-stick surface, a Stonehedge coating does not need to use any oil at all for cooking sticky foods like eggs or fish. Green Pan cookware provides a Thermolon nonstick coating, can resist high temperatures, and are made without PFAO. These types of pans leave a very small carbon footprint and come in a variety of sizes including two, three ad eight-quart pans. Ceramic cookware is another great choice in preventing toxic chemicals from absorbing into your food.

PFOA free cookware should always be chosen over any others. Toxic chemicals can damage organs and create debilitating health conditions. A safer pan will be extremely durable, healthy and is priced at an affordable cost.

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