does mirrored furniture break easily

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Mirrored furniture has been used since time immemorial in accentuating the interior decor of rooms by creating an illusion of more space. But mirrored furniture are very sensitive and if not well taken care of, they can easily break and ruin the looks and feel of the room contrary to what was expected of them. Presented here are tips to help you care for you mirrored furniture and get the best out of them each time:
Regular dusting
Make it a habit of dusting the mirrored furniture on a regular basis so that you can stop the buildup of dust which might affect the gleaming reflection and their overall beauty. Even a small layer of dust on the furniture is enough to make them appear dull and boring.

Avoid dragging items across the surface
The other tip to care for your mirrored furniture is to avoid dragging items across the surface. Dragging items across the surface will only scratches and scrapes which will in turn affect the beauty as well as the reflective of the surfaces.

Keep away staining substances from the surface
It is recommended that you keep away any staining substance away from the surfaces of the mirrored furniture. These might include items like alcohol, perfumes, lotions, dyes etc. But for those using mirrored dressing tables, keeping such substances away may not be possible. The solution therefore would be to wipe the surfaces clean each time you are done dressing, even if you think there were no spills on the surface.

Keep the furniture away from high traffic areas
Due to the delicate nature of the mirrored furniture, they are not ideal for use in high-traffic areas around the house. This is the only way to avoid them from getting broken or damaged accidentally when people are passing around.

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