how to decorate a small living room on a budget

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Getting the most out of a small living room means using the space and the light that you have in that room accordingly. While there are many schools of thinking and many ideas with regards to how to make the most out of a small living room space. There are some top tips on how you can redesign your living room to open up your space and make it look larger.

Don’t neglect corner spaces
Many small living rooms often neglect corner spaces or they utilize furniture that doesn’t fit into a corner space design. A corner of a living room could be a good spot for a corner book shelf or desk, a reading chair or other items. Neglecting space in a small living room can lead to restrictions. Make use of the corners where applicable.

Make your windows seem taller
Moving your curtain rods or installing drapery just a few inches below the height of the ceiling can make a small living room appear taller and the windows can seem taller as well. This visual trick can give the illusion that there is more natural light coming into the room and that the room has more space.

Try minimalist furniture
Scaling back on the size of your furniture could help you improve the usable space in your living room. Opting for a loveseat over a large sectional couch can give you more floor space for example. Think of the furniture you may need for your living room and then decide if it can be scaled to fit into the space with minimalist designs.

Opt for furniture that serves multiple functions
If you can find an ottoman that has extra storage space inside or an end table with plenty of drawers to hold your remotes you can work at uncluttered your living room space. Keep these tips in mind on how to decorate a small living room.

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