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Do you want to change your space but you don’t want to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars to do it? There are some very cheap ways you can change the decor in your living room. If you need a living room redesign or you just want to improve the look of your space. Try out these top living room design tips that you can do for hardly any money.

You may have pictures that you were keeping in storage for a while or a painting that has been in your bedroom for many years. Redistributing items throughout your home and into your living room could be a fantastic way that you can make use out of older furniture and artwork that you may have. Borrow items from storage or from other rooms and see what new combinations you can come up with for your living room.

Showcase your books
Books can be art in themselves and adding a stack of books to your living room can add some much needed intellectual appeal and color. If you have books that have been sitting on a shelf or in boxes, adding them into your living room can be a fantastic touch of color and appeal.

Shuffle around your furniture
Trying out a new furniture arrangement in your living room can help you to unlock some extra space. Think about moving some items around and you may just find a new design look that improves your home.

Try a DIY project
Purpose some items from your home or buy some inexpensive materials to build your own design projects. You can create some wonderful throw pillows, artwork and more if you just set a little time aside to make them. Keep these top cheap living room ideas in mind if you want to change the look of your living room space on a budget.

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